Life Insurance Awareness Month, September 2015

Life Insurance


September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. This year I am fortunate to have two beautiful daughters to help me make our video / blog. My oldest is three and a half, my youngest is only a few weeks old. These two beautiful girls, along with my wife, is my ‘why’. What do I mean? Everyone has a ‘why’ for why they purchased life insurance. Could be for family, financial freedom in the tragic loss of a loved one. But can also be used for business. Succession planning, partnerships and more.

Life Insurance is the most important policy our agency offers. It is also typically the policy that folks over guess on how much it costs. Tully it is the only thing that lives up the cliche it will never be cheaper than it is today – this is because Life Insurance is based off of your age. As you get older, the policies get more expensive. Getting a policy today locks in your monthly/annual premium for as long as the policy is in force.

Some are designed to cover your mortgage, some are designed to help you build cash value, some have tax benefits, some even provide enough for your family to have financial security for many years.

What most folks don’t realize how inexpensive Life Insurance really is. The majority of folks know that it’s important… know they need it…but put it off. Why is that? Feeling overwhelmed at the process? Overwhelmed at the options? Think it’s not affordable? No time to meet with an agent? Don’t understand which is the right policy? Let us help navigate and chart the course. Our agency wants to help your family with the best solution for YOU, after all what is best for you is what is best for us.

Please review your existing policies, and make sure you have something in place. Any life insurance policy that is in place when you or a loved one pass is better than nothing. Too many families start a Go Fund Me website, or some other crowd sourcing site, to try to raise funds to cover the basic funeral expenses. There is no need to do that when properly preparing for the inevitable.

Talk to us, we can help. Or talk to another agent that you trust. Life Insurance is the most important policy you can ever purchase. It is also the only ‘insurance’ policy that will get used. You may never have an auto accident, a home fire, etc… but we all will pass away at some time. Protect your family and give them financial peace of mind.

Call, email, Facebook/Twitter, text…. we are are here for you!

In the meantime, visit Life Happens, a Non-Profit organization with many facts about life insurance along with stories and testimonials from celebrities and individuals that have been impacted by Life Insurance – either having it or not having it on a loved one when they passed away.


Make it a great day, and give your family a hug today!


Video Transcript for the Hearing Impaired (Closed Captioning is embedded in the video):

Hey guys, It’s September – you know what that means? Probably not… stay tuned!

OK guys, today is September 1st. September is Life Insurance Awareness month!

So if you have one of these or one of these – or maybe you’re lucky and you have more. I’m very blessed,
I have two beautiful girls here. But if you certainly have kids and a family – you need one of these! Life Insurance Awareness Month. This is a Farmers Life Insurance Policy. This is the one I have on myself for my family – so that my little girls – say Hi Kenzie – “Hi” and my little girl Callie – and of course my beautiful wife Rachel, they’re going to be taken care of if something unforeseen happens and I pass away early.

So Please guys – it’s very important time of the year. I just like to bring awareness – (and she’s a little squirmy today). But certainly reach out to us if you have questions if you don’t have something in place. But please even if you don’t go through my agency contact somebody that you trust and make sure that you’re family is protected. Thanks guys, stay tuned for more videos.

We’re always here to help. And , {chuckling}, say bye-bye Kenzie.
“Bye Bye”. Come say bye-bye. “Bye-Bye”.



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