Insurance Products

We offer a wide range of Auto, Home, Business and Life insurance policies to help you meet your specific needs. If you do not see the type of Insurance you are looking for please contact us. Our agency offers many lines of insurance and can even help with those unique items like planes and yachts. Rest assured if you need insurance we are the only agency you need to call.  Your one phone call for all your needs.

You worked HARD to build your assets – allow our agency to help you PROTECT your assets and retirement.

car-insurance---redAuto Insurance

There is more to Auto Insurance than just being ‘legal’. We can help you navigate and make sure you are properly covered.

car-insurance---redCollectible Auto

Have an old car? Antique? Hot Rod? Show Car? We use a variety of a carriers to cover your car in the proper way. Example not all collectible car insurance allows you to drive your car to dinner – only to shows. We can help find the right insurance, the right carrier, the right coverage for your needs.

boat---redRecreational/Boat Insurance

Motorcycles, boats, campers, jetskis, golf carts, dune buggies, trailers and other recreational items require special coverage. We cover a wide range of insurance needs and can show you the options to consider when it comes to protecting your assets.

motorcycle---redMotorcycle Insurance

Do you have a crotch rocket? A street cruiser? Scooter? Whatever 2 or 3 wheel machine is in your garage – let us help you insure it, your passengers and those around you.

house---redHomeowners Insurance

Houses, condos, townhomes, mobile homes, modular homes, vacant properties, landlords, renters and more!

flood---redFlood Insurance

In short – this covers your home against water entering your home through doors, walls and windows. 40% of Flood claims are NOT in a Flood Zone.

umbrella---redUmbrella Insurance

The most important part of any insurance is to protect your assets. Umbrella Insurance is designed to protect all of your assets in the event of a judgement against you – example – someone perishes in a car accident that you are found at fault.

collectibles---redCollectibles Insurance

Do you collect Coins? Stamps? Sports Cards? Antiques? Art? Comic Books? Your homeowners insurance typically either offers no coverage or limits it to between $250-$500… we offer full replacement insurance for your collections!

business---redBusiness Insurance

Working with a variety of carriers allows us to find the right carrier for your business or commercial policy.

Cover more than just General Liability for your business with our agency. Offering EPLI, E&O, Cyber Liability and more. If you do not know what these options are – contact us – these are important options for our ever changing ways of doing business.

commercial-auto---redCommercial Auto Insurance

Business vehicles require a different type of coverage. Let us show you the options available to offer your business the best coverage for your property, assets and employees.

shield---redSurety Bonds

We offer bonds for many industries. Many contractors, counties, and clients request the businesses they use to be “Insured and Bonded” – we can help you with both!

shield---redEmployer Benefits

Our agency can help your business set up Employee Benefit Packages. From Health, Life, Disability and more. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

life---redLife Insurance

Life Insurance does more than just write a check when you pass. It provides financial security. Can help you get grow assets tax free. Can help your kids go to college. Can help provide funds for Long Term Care (aka nursing home). AND it typically costs less than what you would expect.
Our agency offers a large selection of Life Insurance products. Let’s schedule a time to review your personal scenario so we can help find the correct Life Insurance that will suit your needs and provide the desired solution.

disability---redDisability Insurance

Let us help insure your income in the event you become unable to work. Be it weeks, months, or years – we have a variety of disability options. There is even an optional rider that will return your premiums paid in the event you never use the disability insurance.

supplemental---redSupplemental Insurance

Your Health Insurance and Disability Insurance probably have ‘gaps’ in the coverage. Supplemental insurance will help fill those ‘gaps’. Be it the waiting period, deductibles, co-pays and more – provides a low cost option to fill the ‘gaps.’


We offer a variety of Annuities. A great alternative to Life Insurance. Typically get a better return on your money instead of CDs at banks.

safety---redSpecial Event Insurance

Packages available for weddings, showers, birthday parties and more. Most halls and centers require special insurance if liquor will be served. Did you forget and now last minute you are searching? We can typically get these policies issued within days.

travel---redTravel Insurance

We can help protect you against trip cancellations, interruptions, lost baggage, and more while traveling!

pet---redPet Insurance

All of the members of your family are important–even the four-legged ones! Let us help you keep them covered. We partner with Pets Best to provide Health Insurance for your Cats & Dogs!

home-warranty---redHome Warranties

Let us guide you through the variety of plans and packages available to help defray repair costs on your new home. With Warranties and plans available that can even cover appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers/dryers, and more.

roadside---redRoadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is more than just your typical towing. Depending on our carrier used – there are a variety of options. Unlimited service calls, towing, few gallons of gas, lock-out service, tire changes, jump starts and more.

You may not think you need this… but did you know that manufacturer warranty roadside typically only will tow you to nearest dealer – and not a shop of your choice? Normally not a problem – unless you just need tires or a battery – probably aren’t going to pay dealer prices for those services.

risk-assessment---redRisk Assessments

Here at Hyre Insurance, we offer all of our clients a risk assessment outlining many potential hazards surrounding you, your business, and your assets–then we show you the various risks if one or more of the hazards occurred.

After a risk assessment we will guide you through the different types of coverages that are available, showing you how to protect your assets from many liabilities or other potential hazards.

Are you interested in a risk assessment for you, your family, or your business? Just call us today to schedule an appointment.