2015, Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!


It’s that time of year again! I, Ronald Hyre, LOVE the Holiday season. Kicking off with Thanksgiving, heading into Christmas, followed by the New Year – it is my most favorite time of the year. That being said – I like to have an office ‘party’ to kick it off. We typically do this the week before Thanksgiving. At this party we have plenty of food, drink, and fun! Our fun is decorating our office inside and out for Christmas. Putting up lights, our tree, and other decorations all over the office. We want to spread the joy and cheer of the Holiday season.

This is a great day for us to get together as a team, have fun, relax, and get into the holiday spirit. I believe every office/job should have a few fun days a year to just build morale, let loose, goof off, and have a great day. After all – if we can’t have fun at work – how do we stay motivated to keep doing a good job? How do we stay happy and enjoy our career?

So if you haven’t already – take a moment and watch our short video. Gives a quick walk through of our office and seeing our team in ‘fun’ mode.


Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!

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